Political Brochure Final 090817 - Page 3

1. Get the Right Materials for your Political Campaign
Technology is the backbone of any campaign, In the modern political age. Well
designed materials will allow your campaign committee to share information
easily and efficiently, make well-informed decisions and easily expand as you
approach Election Day. Putting the right materials in place will make building
your campaign effort that much easier.
2. Building Your Campaign Committee
Every political campaign should have three positions: treasurer, fund raiser
and campaign manager. Depending on the size and budget of your campaign,
these can be done by full-time paid staff or volunteers. Work with people you
are comfortable with and have your best interests in mind. A committee is
very important but remember to trust the opinions of the professionals you
are working with. (A camel is a horse put together by a committee)
3. The Campaign Budget
Running a successful campaign requires a carefully planned budget. The
very first step is to determine who the voters are and tailor your materials to
what is actually needed. Be prepared for unseen expenses that may pop up
throughout the duration of your campaign.
4. The Heart of Running the Campaign
After your plans, committee and budget are put together, running the actual
campaign is mostly just a matter of implementing. Of course, your campaign
needs to be prepared for changing circumstances and you may need to revise
your plan and strategy, but with solid planning, your daily operations will
run smoothly. More planning up front will prepare you for the unexpected at
the end of the campaign, that is when your opponents could launch negative
attacks. Be prepared!
The campaign should be about delivering results for the voters. The candidate
is a platform for that, but a lot of times campaigns can get off path and focus
on details about a candidate that are not relevant. Just remember to remain
ethical, keep things professional and have fun!

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