Political Brochure Final 090817 - Page 6

The Two Types of Political Logos
1. Font-based
This type of logo is basically letters done in a custom font style. Some examples
of this type of logo are Facebook and Twitter.
2. Similar Illustration
This is taking what a particular business does, and incorporating it into the logo.
For instance, if you were running for judge you could have a simple illustration
of a gavel alongside your name.
What Makes a Good Logo
1. Simple & Clean
Less is more when it comes to design. An over-complicated design or a symbol
cluttered with layers will be hard to duplicate and may not be as memorable.
Good logos look fresh and simple.
2. Easy to Remember
Voters don’t have much time. Provide them with an easy-to-remember, unique
symbol to help them quickly associate with your campaign.
3. Not Trendy
Once you decide on a logo, you shouldn’t change it. It should stand the test of
time for the duration of your campaign. So it’s a good idea to stay clear of those
design choices that may be fleeting - like the 1980’s neon madness.
4. Versatile
You will need a logo that can be used on all your printed materials from a
business card to a bill board, one color to full color. Think about how the logo
will look when it is reduced or enlarged in size. Avoid lengthy horizontal logos,
which can be difficult to fit on various projects.
5. Fitting & Appropriate
Think about your campaign type and avoid clip art. It can look crude, cheap and
careless. You want to convey the exact opposite of those things. Be original and
never copy from other ideas. Using a professional designer is smart because
they understand the key elements needed in developing the logo and how the
voters will perceive it.

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